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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reflection for Oral Presentation
Structure and Content
Personally, I felt that the introduction did manage to evoke the audience’s interest as I made use of real life scenario which they could probably relate to. Also, the transition to Manjula from myself was rather smooth and fluent. However, perhaps I could have elaborated more when I was highlighting the overview of my slides. It was too vague and did not prepare the audience for the complexity of the topic and majority had difficulty comprehending us in the later parts of the presentation.

My usage of language was generally appropriate and formal. I also refrained from using broken English most of the time but my articulation was occasionally incorrect which I believed was mainly due to my unpreparedness.

I did maintain eye-contact with the audience but it was not sustained and I was subconsciously looking in a particular direction. I also made excessive references to the notes in my hand. Furthermore, I should have used cue cards instead. Although I did manage to capture the audience‘s attention during the start, it dwindled when I went into the technical parts. This could have been improved on by making the terms more laymen so the audience could relate to more easily. In terms of posture and body language, I appeared tensed and waved my hands unnecessarily which was quite distracting.

Voice & Visual Aids
My pace of speaking was moderate but I trembled at times due to my nervousness. This affected my fluency and articulation which led to slight slurs in my pronunciation at times. Besides, I should have make use of visual aids to explain my concepts clearer which I did not do so in this presentation.

Overall, I felt that as a team, our presentation did proceeded smoothly but we could have done better with more rehearsals and visual aids in the future.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Re-evaluation of Meeting

After reviewing my last post, I have decided to come out with my own personal checklist to re-evaluate my team on our overall performance during the project meeting.

Was the venue of the meeting appropriate?
Yes, it was very condusive with minimal disturbance from our surrounding.

Were there conflicts?
If yes, were they resolved peacefully and professionally?

Fortunately, our meeting proceeded smoothly and professionally without any disruption. No personal issues were brought up and everyone was patient with one another.

Was the agenda of the meeting adhered to?
Yes, in fact our meeting was very objective-oriented and all the points in the agenda were addressed in elaborate detail during meeting.

Was the meeting finished within the pre-allocated time?
Yes, we finished the meeting on time and in fact, we managed to accomplish more than what we had set out to do.

Were there any major distractions that could have been avoided during the meeting?
The camera was a major distraction. But it was necessary if not, evaluating the meeting would not have been made possible. I also realized I kept flipping my lab sheet incessantly throughout the whole meeting which would have been very disconcerting if someone was facing. Lastly, I kept rocking back and forth towards the end of the meeting which should be strongly discouraged.


Were there any major problems when each of us was conveying our suggestions?
All of us appeared tense and unnatural in front of the camera which may have affected the fluency of our speech and hindered our clarity in explanation.

Did everyone participate actively in the meeting?
Yes, everyone contributed their ideas and raised productive suggestions pertaining to the project.

Was everyone a good listener and good speaker?
Everyone was a good listener. All of us observed the ground rule of "one person speaking at a time". But perhaps Jonathan and I could have been more vocal and try to speak up more often.

Were there any dysfunctional behaviors during the meeting that should be avoided in the future?
We were smiling sheepishly to ourselves at the start of the meeting which may be inappropriate in a real-life board meeting. My head was tilted down most of the time. I should have looked up more often to let people know that I am listening to them as well as to exude more confidence.

Apparently, the program below is supposed to help the user hold a more effecitve meeting. Feel free to email me for the link to this program=)
Disclaimer: I am not responsible in the event your meeting becomes more ineffective after usage of the program.