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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reflection for Oral Presentation
Structure and Content
Personally, I felt that the introduction did manage to evoke the audience’s interest as I made use of real life scenario which they could probably relate to. Also, the transition to Manjula from myself was rather smooth and fluent. However, perhaps I could have elaborated more when I was highlighting the overview of my slides. It was too vague and did not prepare the audience for the complexity of the topic and majority had difficulty comprehending us in the later parts of the presentation.

My usage of language was generally appropriate and formal. I also refrained from using broken English most of the time but my articulation was occasionally incorrect which I believed was mainly due to my unpreparedness.

I did maintain eye-contact with the audience but it was not sustained and I was subconsciously looking in a particular direction. I also made excessive references to the notes in my hand. Furthermore, I should have used cue cards instead. Although I did manage to capture the audience‘s attention during the start, it dwindled when I went into the technical parts. This could have been improved on by making the terms more laymen so the audience could relate to more easily. In terms of posture and body language, I appeared tensed and waved my hands unnecessarily which was quite distracting.

Voice & Visual Aids
My pace of speaking was moderate but I trembled at times due to my nervousness. This affected my fluency and articulation which led to slight slurs in my pronunciation at times. Besides, I should have make use of visual aids to explain my concepts clearer which I did not do so in this presentation.

Overall, I felt that as a team, our presentation did proceeded smoothly but we could have done better with more rehearsals and visual aids in the future.


  1. Hey Roger!

    True that you had captured our attention in the start but as you have mentioned, you should’ve prepared us a little before moving to the more technical parts as the transition was sudden. I also understand about your unidirectional eye contact – this was the same problem I had faced during Oral Presentation 1 and this time I tried to look at everyone.

    However, I don’t quite agree to your part about using Layman terms. As I said, the transition to the serious parts was sudden. But you definitely shouldn’t have tried using Layman language all through the presentation as it could just be we didn’t quite catch a few parts of your presentation since we didn’t have much of an idea about Cloud Computing. But your actual audience were supposed to be well-educated computer professionals. I believe certain level of formalness should be maintained with them.

    And yes. I also feel you could’ve used more pictures to make your slides more interesting…


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  3. Hi Roger,
    I felt you have made a good start intitally. However as the presention progressed, you start to refer to your notes rather frequently. As a result, you lost the 'eye-contact' with the audience.
    You had a loud and clear voice which attracted the audience's attention. Personally I didn't feel that your hand gestures were particularly distracting.
    I suggest that perhaps you could have memorized what you want to present.
    Personally, I found the topic to be rather abstract and a relation to layman terms or real life examples would be a good idea.
    In my opinion, you are improving as a presenter.


  4. Hello Roger,

    I felt that you kicked off the presentation well but a few minutes into your speech, you might have lost some of the audience attention since the content seemed a bit technical, even for CEG students like us to handle. More use of examples would have helped I guess.

    Also, I felt that when compared to your first presentation, you seemed to move around more rather than standing still which is good but you seemed to refer to your script frequently, so this may also have led to loosing the audience's attention. In the future, you could maybe try to memorise what you want to present and bring a cue card along with just the main points which will force you to look at the audience more when elaborating.

    The pace of your presentation was alright but I felt that at certain parts you could have spoken a bit faster.


  5. Hi Roger,

    I felt that your introduction using an analogy was pretty interesting. Not only did it captures my attention, it also serves well to illustrate your point of using Cloud Computing to offset operating costs of small companies.

    Although I did not know much about cloud computing before hand, I was able to follow your presentation quite well. Thus, I felt that the depth of technical information was suitable.

    To make up for its technicalities, you might want to approach it from a more interesting manner. Perhaps, you could add in a few interesting facts about cloud computing, or design a mnemonic that covers the advantages of cloud computing. This would definitely make your presentation leave a deep impression in the audience.

    On the whole, your delivery was smooth and your pace was suitable. I would look forward to your future presentations.

    Ying Cong