Gettin' good players is easy. Gettin' 'em to play together is the hard part~ Casey Stengel

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our very first Project Meeting

Our group consisting of Preeti, Reenuka, Jonathan and myself conducted our very first project meeting on the 12th of February in Discussion Room 7 in the Central Library. Generally, I felt that we were quite well-prepared especially Jonathan who even wrote part of the code beforehand and hence we were able to discuss more effectively the possible obstacles we would meet with later on in the project. Our leader Preeti also helmed the meeting very professionally as she guided us through the objectives of the agenda and ensured that we were able to address all the issues within the timeframe given without any major hiccups. At the end of the meeting, the workload was distributed evenly among the four of us in a short span of time which I felt was rather efficient.

However, I realized that throughout the entire meeting, our bodies were very stiff and we were expressionless most of the time. The atmosphere was also very tense. This was probably due to the fact that we were conscious that our actions were being videotaped on webcam. Also there were a few moments of silence which I believed was due to the fact we were busy thinking of what to say as we were afraid of saying wrong words by accident. Furthermore, I noticed there was a period of time when I was moving back and forth in my chair. Although I was stretching myself, it should be strongly discouraged as it is very distracting. The speaker may also misinterpret it as a loss of interest in the topic of discussion.

Nevertheless, I felt that overall, the meeting was a pleasant and successful one as we were in accord with one another’s ideas and we were tactful in our criticism. I am definitely more aware of the importance of communication and teamwork now.

The video below is a video conference meeting gone wrong.. at least for the girl at the top left hand corner=X


  1. Hey Roger!

    Nice to know that you're first project meeting went on well. From your post, think Preeti has been very professional in her role as a leader. Also, Jonathan's preparation beforehand has helped you a lot. I think everybody should do some preparation before a meeting to save time.

    I agree to what you say about our posture and behaviour before the webcam. All of us were very self-conscious. But again, eventually, we became easy about it which is why you must've started stretching too. And yes. Things like this must be avoided for the reasons you have mentioned.

    And lastly an LOL for that video!


  2. Hi Roger,
    I realized most of us felt awkward while having a video camera right in front of us. We tend to be rather self-conscious of our image, gestures, movements and style of talking because of it.

    I believed your first project still went on well. It's great to have members who are well prepared beforehand. It really lessens the load for the whole group and improve the social dynamics of the team.

    I don't think there's a need to be too self-conscious in front of the camera. Just be yourself and natural and the meeting will go on fine.


  3. Hey Roger!!

    Yes, I can remember your swinging actions during the meeting. It was actually hilarious when we looked at ourselves in the video but somehow it did not seem that obvious during the meeting itself.

    Also, I think it was really nice of Jonathan to start on the project before hand which was helpful as we managed to get more work during our meeting.

    I guess we all learnt to be more natural during meetings even if its being filmed. It was the first time for all of us, maybe thats why we behaved that way. Overall I also think we had a fruitful meeting and looking forward to our next one:)

  4. Hi Roger,

    From your post, I feel that you have learnt a lot from the filming of your meeting. I agree with you that that this (filming) task really helps us learn more about ourselves and correct our own bad habits.

    Also, it is great to know that your group completed the tasks that you set out to do. With a good start, I am sure your group would be able to complete the rest of the project with flying colours.

  5. Dear Roger

    Perhaps a set of criteria to evaluate yourself would have been useful.

    I like the videoclip very much.


  6. Hey people,

    Upon reflection I realised I may have drafted this post wrongly. Hence, I have reevaluated myself with regards to this meeting in my latest post. Please do check it out!

    Nevertheless, thank you all for your constructive comments and heartwarming encouragements:)